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3 Phase Brushless Motor Controller IC , Brushless Motor Driver IC For Sensorless Motor

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3 Phase Brushless Motor Controller IC , Brushless Motor Driver IC For Sensorless Motor

3 Phase Brushless Motor Controller IC , Brushless Motor Driver IC For Sensorless Motor
3 Phase Brushless Motor Controller IC , Brushless Motor Driver IC For Sensorless Motor 3 Phase Brushless Motor Controller IC , Brushless Motor Driver IC For Sensorless Motor

Large Image :  3 Phase Brushless Motor Controller IC , Brushless Motor Driver IC For Sensorless Motor

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JUYI
Model Number: JY02A
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: PE bag+ carton
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Paypal
Supply Ability: 1000sets/day

3 Phase Brushless Motor Controller IC , Brushless Motor Driver IC For Sensorless Motor

Working Voltage: 4.5 V-5.5 V. Working Temperature: -55-125 ℃
Drive Mode: SPWM Adaptive Motor: Sensorless Motor
Height: 12mm Color: Black
High Light:

brushless dc motor controller ic


3 phase driver ic

JY02A sensorless brushless DC motor control IC

JY02A is ASIC for sensorless brushless DC motor , with simple peripheral circuit, perfect function, compact size, simple debugging (almost no debugging), high drive efficiency, flexible application, widely application, etc.
JY02A is a pure hardware application IC, which solve the trouble of writing programs. JY02A internally solidifies various sensorless brushless DC motor drive control circuits, such as adaptive start circuit, power compensation circuit,Q value correction circuit, power factor correction, Phase detection circuit, bidirectional operation decoding circuit,locked-rotor protection circuit, back electromotive force detection circuit, current detection & control circuit, voltage detection & protection circuit, etc., after a very few amount of external component adjustment, can drive various sensorless brushless DC motor, JY02A has a certain load-starting capability, which is very important in most applications.

JY02A can be applied to three-phase DC brushless motor with "Y" and "triangle" connection.
Applications: sweeping robots, automotive water pumps, wall-hung boiler circulation pumps, home booster pumps,oxygen generators, various fans/blowers, electric screwdrivers, electric curtains, automatic doors, hydraulic oil pumps,high pressure air pumps, automotive air conditioning compressors , DC brushless compressor, AGV trolley, various linear and loop logistics sorting equipment, lawn mower, sprayer, underwater propeller, etc.

Functional characteristics:
☆Working voltage: 4.5 v-5.5 V.                          ☆Working temperature: -55-125 ℃
☆Drive mode: SPWM                                        ☆Adaptive motor: Sensorless BLDC motor
☆Direction control: CW/CCW                            ☆Soft reversing: Yes
☆Speed signal: Yes                                           ☆Overload protection: Yes
☆Current closed loop: Yes                                 ☆Constant current drive: Yes
☆Blocking protection: Yes                                  ☆Starting torque regulation: Yes
☆Soft starting: Yes                                             ☆Special technology: JYKJ full condition safety start function
☆Speed adjustment: linear                                ☆EAI self-adaptation function

1 EMFC BEMF detection input port C
Connect after W phase partial pressure, pay attention
to withstand voltage range

2 VR speed governing 0-5V analog input
3 VOD voltage detection OV value:3.6V,LV value:0.8V
5 VDD 5V 4.5V--5.5V
6 Is current detection Current feedback signal input
7 EMF_ON EMF signal output EMF regulation control
8 TC Temperature detecting port
Protection: above 4.53V
Protection remove: under 3.70V

9 QD
Starting torque

10 UH U phase top drive output U phase top drive PWM output 13KHz
11 UL U phase bottom drive output U phase bottom drive commutation signal output
12 VH V phase top drive output V phase top drive PWM output 13KHz
13 VL V phase bottom drive output V phase bottom drive commutation signal output
14 WH W phase top drive output W phase top drive PWM output 13KHz
15 WL W phase bottom drive output W phase bottom drive commutation signal output
16 Z/F CW and CCW rotation control H: forward / L :Reverse
17 M Speed pulse output One pulse per commutation
18 EMF BEMF common terminal
19 EMFA BEMF detection input port A
Connect after U phase partial pressure, pay attention
to withstand voltage range

20 EMFB BEMF detection input port B
Connect after V phase partial pressure, pay attention
to withstand voltage range


JY02A Drive mode and parameters:

1:UH/VH/WH phase top drive PWM output,UL/VL/WL phase bottom drive commutation signal output, this drive mode is a economic way to reduce the costs of hardware, especially in application of high voltage and high-power motor drivers. top drive PWM output mode is more easier circuit and higher stability than bottom drive PWM output mode.


2:The PWM frequency of JY02A is 13KHz, which not only takes into account the comprehensive ratio of efficiency and noise, but also increases the power and reduces the power consumption of the driving circuit . The torque of the motor is higher than that of 20KHz under the same
power supply.


Pulse of JY02A
Please take a note that JY02A output one pulse signal during the BLDC motor commutating phase each time. It means JY02A not produce one pulse when the motor turn a round. For example as following schematic diagram: its an inner rotor, 2 pairs pole motor, it means the
motor needs commutating phase for 6 times for each round, so JY02A will output 6 pulses each motor round

Functional description and application considerations
a) Overload protection and current sampling resistance value selection:
JY02A has a relatively complete overload protection function. the overload protection and current abnormal protection function of JY02A will take effect only under the condition of the current sampling resistor R is selected properly. When the Is pin voltage reaches 0.40mV, the overload monitoring starts and enter into constant current state and keeps the driving current constant. At this state, the driving current no longer rises with the voltage of the VR pin, and will not increase with the increase of the load. In this state,JY02A will continue to provide a constant power for the motor and keeps the motor in normal working state. If the Is pin voltage reaches or exceeds 90mV, the system will judge all the outputs within 4.5 microseconds.


Here is a detailed example how to select properly R value as follow:
R value formula: I = 0.04/R
I: Constant current setting value, unit: A
0.04: is the voltage value of Is pin of JY02A
R: current limiting resistance, unit: Ohm
For example, a controller with an operating current of 3A , set the constant current to 5A for safety, and the system keep the current at 5A when the current reaches or exceeds 5A, after the formula I = 0.04 /R, R=0.04/I so R value = 0.04 / 5=0.008 Ohm, so the
current sampling resistor should use a power resistor of 8 milliohms (current sampling resistor normally is cement resistor and constantan wire)

b) locked-rotor protection: JY02A has automatic restart function. Once the running motor is blocked by external force, the system will automatically protect and restart. If the restart is unsuccessful for 10 times, it will automatically stop output. Disconnect the power or
reduce the voltage of the VR pin to 0V to unlock the protection. Increase the VR voltage to restart the motor.

c) Z/F soft reversing:The 16th pin Z/F of JY02A is the reversing control pin. This pin can be connected to 5V or GND. JY02A has soft reversing function. This function protects the MOSFET and motor in many applications, and improves the reliability and service life, the specific operation is that when the motor is rotating in one direction, when the Z/F voltage level changes, the driver stops output first, the motor rotates freely till stop, and then starts to run in the other direction.

d) FG speed signal feedback:JY02A also outputs the speed pulse signal while driving the motor. JY02A will output one pulse every phase commutating. This is perfectly reflected in high-end applications. In the case of precise speed control, such as DC brushless fan, DC Brushless pumps,etc.,

With the speed signal feedback, these functions are easy to achieve, Such as require stable speed and stable torque, and closed-loop control solution.

e) TC Temperature protection port:JY02A has an external connect temperature protection function. The application is quite simple, only an external NTC and a resistor are required, can place the NTC in the place where need be monitored, such as MOSFET or motor. When the temperature reaches a certain value, the system will automatically protect, the system will restart after the temperature down to safety value. it is recommended parameters of NTC: NTC of 10K3950K, divider resistor with 10K 1%, according to this parameter, the temperature will automatically protect when the temperature reaches 100 degrees, of course, you can also replace other models NTC or adjust divider resistor according to the actual application. The value of the resistor reaches the temperature value that you want to protect.

f) QD Starting torque adjustment:By adjusting the voltage of the QD terminal, the starting torque can be directly changed. The voltage adjustment range is 0V-2.5V, and the normal motor starting torque voltage is between 0V - 0.8V (the starting torque is not as bigger as better)


There are many factors affecting the DC brushless Hallless motor driver, such as the working voltage, speed, commutation angle, load, inductance, back EMF, starting load, etc., which will affect the DC brushless motor drive performance. The driving effect of the motor, so more testing are required to make a perfect high-efficiency, stable DC brushless sensorless motor driver .


In order to improve the performance of DC brushless sensorless motor driver, reduce the volume, reduce the production and development costs, JY02A is our the second DC brushless sensroless motor driver IC that does not require an external comparator. JY02A integrates all the circuits of DC brushless sensorless motor driver (excluding power components). In order to better service to our customers, we offer three JY02 typical
application circuits for reference. We will continue to improve its performance according to market applications.,actual IC function may be slightly different from the introduction of this article, if you have any problems in the application, you can contact us for the latest information.




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